Barn Conservation Grant

Friends of Ohio Barns is accepting grant proposals that will be awarded funding from the Friends of Ohio Barns Endowment Fund. Grants of up to $2500 will be awarded to approved organizations, communities, and individual barn owners from Ohio to aid in the conservation and stewardship efforts of their historic Ohio barns. The Barn Conservation Grant (BCG) is administered by Friends of Ohio Barns board of directors and the BCG committee. The grant derives its funding from contributions made to the FOB endowment fund. It is anticipated that a grant of up to $2500 will be made available annually to one grant recipient.

Eligible Applicants: Only Ohio-based entities may receive grant funding from the BCG.

Eligible recipients include:

    • Historic farm parks, outdoor education facilities, nature centers, historic museums
    • Communities, park districts, land conservancies
    • State agencies
    • 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations
    • Private companies
    • Individual barn owners

Selection Criteria:

It is the goal of Friends of Ohio Barns to address the concerns threatening Ohio’s farms and rural landscapes by providing barn owners, barn lovers and the folks who believe in the importance of Ohio’s historic barns, opportunities to connect and work toward stewardship of our agricultural heritage.

The BCG prefers to consider projects that use the grant funds to focus on educating the public and raising awareness of the importance of Ohio barns. Projects with these goals will score significantly higher in the review process and receive more favorable consideration.

Other priority criteria in the review process will include:

    • Established historical barn / farmstead that incorporates an educational component
    • Barns in a high traffic area for convenient public viewing
    • Barns of historic significance to local community, region or state
    • Barns constructed with traditional timber framed joinery, and at least 100 years old
    • Barns in their original location for most of its life
    • Barns that are still being utilized in an agricultural capacity
    • Repurposed barns being utilized by a community

Application Deadlines/Review Dates:

The grant cycle will open May 1st, following the annual Ohio Barn Conference. Deadlines for accepting grant proposals must be postmarked by July 31st of that calendar year. Mail proposals to Friends of Ohio Barns, P.O. Box 203, Burbank, OH, 44214.

The review process will take place over the next 90 days, and the recipient will be notified by mail or email on or before November 1st of that year.

Disbursement of funds:

Allocation of the grant funds will be during the following spring at the annual Ohio Barn Conference, usually the last weekend in April. The recipient or a representative must be on hand to accept the check during the annual member meeting on the Saturday of the conference.

Timeline for Completion of Grant Project:

Projects are to be completed in a year from receipt of the grant funds. Project recipients will provide a quarterly report (with pictures) by email to [email protected], outlining the progress being made. The final report with pictures will be submitted no later than one week before the next Ohio Barn Conference. Exact dates of the conference will be provided to the recipients.

Multiple or Repeat Proposals:

Entities or individuals may not submit more than one application during a grant cycle.  Grant recipients shall complete all obligations of any current grant, including submittal of final reports, before applying for another grant. BCG generally does not extend projects beyond the identified grant period. No organization / individual barn owner will be awarded more than two grants over a ten -year period.

The BCG does fund:

  • The rehabilitation, restoration, and protection of historic barns, and intermediary repairs that are part of a long term preservation plan as well as provide an educational component for the general public.
  • Public programs that further the study, documentation, interpretation, publication and dissemination of information about Ohio’s historic barns and/or agricultural heritage.

The BCG does not fund:

    • Basic research such as data collection, and surveys
    • Beautification and landscaping
    • Fund raising for the organization
    • Food or beverages
    • Indirect costs, general overhead, rental or purchase of equipment
    • Reimbursement for the expense of any time, supplies or equipment purchased prior to the effective start date of the signed grant agreement

Grant Application Form Overview:

    • Background of Organization / Individual owner – What are the goals and accomplishments that equip you to carry out the proposed project? Describe the qualifications of those who will manage and conduct the project. How will other organizations be involved in this project? (Attach letters documenting specific commitments from collaborators.)
    • Project Description – Please provide two or three sentences summarizing the overall project, how it will further barn education, and how many people are likely to benefit directly. Provide justification for needed grant funds and details regarding how best the applicant envisions this grant helping with their stewardship goals.
    • Contractors & Estimates of work – Detail a summary of all persons to be involved in the project as well as estimates of how all the grant money will be spent.
    • Budget Narrative – Provide details to explain how the amounts listed in the line items of your application budget were calculated. Provide justifications to help reviewers understand the need for higher-cost equipment or other items.
    • Pictures of project – provide photos of the barn and repair work to be completed.
    • Timeline of completion – All projects using BCG money shall be completed and final reports with pictures submitted prior to the next Ohio Barn Conference. Establish a timeline for accomplishing this goal.
    • Direct questions regarding the grant process to Ric Beck – (614) 738-4302 or [email protected]

Educational / Promotional Component of Project

Upon completion of the BCG project, the entity / individual owner will be required to submit a news article with pictures to the committee. The article may go in any or all of the following: Friends of Ohio Barns newsletter, Facebook page, website and local or state newspapers. Friends of Ohio Barns reserves the right to edit copy for length and clarity. The entity or individual owner may also be asked to present at an Ohio Barn Conference.

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