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is a nonprofit organization of barn owners and barn lovers who seek to preserve Ohio's barns and rural heritage.


A new, non-profit organization has been formed to promote awareness of the significance of Ohio’s Barns. There has been major growth and development in our state, coupled with changes in agricultural practice and downsizing of family farms. These factors are threatening the future of our historic farm buildings and rural landscape. Many people have attended Ohio Barn Conferences and Barn Again! seminars seeking help and advice on how to maintain their family barns. Others, who may or may not own a barn, are concerned by the swift disappearance of the old, familiar agricultural icons from our landscape. Friends of Ohio Barns was formed so you can help in finding solutions.

It is the goal of Friends of Ohio Barns to address these concerns by forming an organization that provides opportunities for barn owners, barn lovers and the folks who believe in the stewardship of Ohio’s barns to be connected. Annual Ohio Barn Conferences and a newsletter help keep members and interested individuals informed about better ways to conserve and maintain their barns. By working with other organizations like Barn Again! in Ohio, the National Barn Alliance and the Ohio Historical Society, Friends of Ohio Barns also helps put barn owners and barn repair specialists together. We are a young and growing organization, and with your help, we can make the future of Ohio’s barns and farmsteads bright once again.


FOB has been instrumental in the restoration of several prominent timber-framed structures throughout Ohio, including Malabar Farm and Slate Run State Parks, and the last surviving timber-framed barn in Upper Arlington (Amelita Mirolo Barn).

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