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Please help support Friends of Ohio Barns by making a donation through the Giving Store as part of The Columbus Foundation.  Your donation will be “amplified” by the Bonus Pool funds on a pro rata basis.  There are $1.3 million dollars plus in the Bonus Pool up for grabs!

You do not have to register to make a donation and The Foundation does not store any credit card information. The minimum is only $20 and all credit cards are accepted.  100% of your donation goes to Friends of Ohio Barns!

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The phone number to text is 614-230-0347 then text our number which is 5735.  Text2Connect will send back a link to for you to complete your gift transaction.

So, when is The Big Give you ask???

It starts on Tuesday October 10th at 10:00am ET and ends Wednesday October 11th at 12:00pm ET

 Please help us grow!  Help us save Ohio’s barns!


Fall Picnic is Approaching

Hi all – yes, it is time for the annual Friends of Ohio Barns Fall Picnic!

The picnic will be held on Saturday, October 21st from 11:30am to 4pm at the Rus-Men Grain Farm located at 710 Iberia Rd in Galion, Ohio which is in Crawford County.

Please contact Board Member David Hamblin at [email protected] to make your reservations or to find out more information.

This is a rain or shine event!

There will be barns to explore and barn talk galore!

Membership Dues to be Increased Starting July 1st 2017

Why, you ask?  Good question.  Our membership dues have been at the same level since the organization started offering memberships!  That has been a long time. Fifteen years?  It has been a topic of conversation at many of our yearly Face to Face board meetings and we have always just gone back to not making an increase after much debate.  Well, this past Face to Face meeting we had a very frank discussion about our dues structure and how it might not possibly sustain the organization.

We had to make a couple really hard decisions regarding membership dues and conference fees.  The bottom line is that we have to increase dues and conference fees because the expenses that we incur with processing the dues have increased.  PayPal takes their cut with every transaction and rightly so as they offer us an easy way to collect the dues and fees.  So we set a new dues schedule and we felt that it really wasn’t a significant hardship.  We raised each membership level by $5.00.  That means Senior dues will be $40, Individual will be $45 and Family will be $65, however we left Organization at $100.00.

What we also did was eliminate the Lifetime Membership due to the cost of making the plaques.  There is a high cost to making those plaques but most importantly if we cannot keep money flowing in with membership dues then eventually we will not be able to turn out our newsletters or have an operating cushion.  Many of our regular members have turned Lifetime – I am sure it is because of the beautiful work that Dan does on the plaques.  So, as of July 1, 2017 the dues will be increased and the Lifetime Membership will be eliminated.  The other change we made was to increase the conference fees for the same reason, processing fees, $5 per category.   We felt it was a very minor increase but needed an explanation.  If you have any questions or comments please email us at [email protected].

-Sarah Woodall

Ohio Barn Conference XVIII in Holmes County

Workshop is Full!

Barn Tour is Full!

But you can still attend the Saturday portion of the Annual Ohio Barn Conference!

See below or email [email protected] for information.


Barn Detective Workshop Thursday, April 27th at the Stutzman Farmstead
Barn Tour Friday, April 28th, through Holmes County
Ohio Barn Conference Saturday, April 29th at The Barn at Flying Ridge Hunt Club

Important Information Regarding Registration:

This year we have another pre-conference Barn Detective Workshop (see below).  We can only take 30 people for this event.  Members can register securely online by clicking on the Event Calendar at the top of the menu column to the left on this page and you will then see both the Barn Detective workshop and the Ohio Barn Conference XVIII & Barn Tour registration boxes.  You have to register for the events separately due to the limit on the Workshop.  When registering for the Conference and Barn Tour select your type of registration on the first page knowing that you will be able to sign up your guest/spouse on the second page where it has a button to “add a guest” at the guest/spouse reduced rate. You can also click on the 2017   Registration Page  to print and send with your check payable to Friends of Ohio Barns at PO Box 203 Burbank, OH  44214.  If you are registering by mail for the workshop please call ahead to make sure there is still room.  If you have any questions or difficulties please call Sarah Woodall at 330-856-9053 or 330-550-6982.  All mail in registrations must be postmarked by April 19th, 2017.  Online registration ends April 23rd, 2017.

Barn Detective Workshop

Stutzman Farmstead

Thursday, April 27th, 2017 1 to 4 pm Limited to 30 people Pre-registration required!
To be held at the Stutzman Farm located at 4535 CR 114, Sugarcreek, OH 44681

The workshop will take place at Ivan Miller’s near Sugarcreek. The Miller farm was the original Stutzman Farmstead. There is an historic marker at the site. The workshop will run from 1pm to 4pm. It will be a two part event with the predominant part being a discussion on how to run a barn survey program. We plan on using the barn on site as a case study in how to perform a Barn Survey. The remaining time can be spent wandering around the beautiful farmstead and it is beautiful with a lot to see!

The cost is $20pp and will include a copy of the Barn Survey Handbook. Coffee, water and cookies will be available. There will be a tour of Miller’s forebay barn with some pretty interesting joinery they used to raise the frame. It is a pre-civil war frame in great shape and still being used as an agricultural building.

Friday Barn Tour and Saturday Conference

Mark your calendars and book your hotel room now, Friends of Ohio Barns is coming to Holmes County! The two and one-half day event runs from April 27th through the 29th in and around the beautiful Millersburg community.  We first want to thank Barb Lang for being the Local Heroine this year; she has really stepped up and brought a lot of enthusiasm to this year’s event, so thanks Barb!

Friday we load the busses in the host Hotel parking lot at the Comfort Inn, Millersburg. Registration starts at 8am at the hotel and the busses leave sharply at 9am. There will be coffee, water, donuts, and apples available before and during the tour. As always, we have a very interesting variety of barns and homesteads to see plus some firsts for the tour. We will see our first stone end barn! It is a remarkable structure complete with double outshots. It has some not so remarkable modifications, but representative of changes that allowed the barn to continue its useful life. Also, on the farmstead is a really cool clabbered farmhouse with brick infill throughout. The thought was the brick provided thermal mass and insulation from Ohio winters. There will also be stops at Barb and Loren Lang’s working dairy farm to see the transformation the farm has taken after a devastating fire in 2015. We will see their beautiful timber frame barn with its amazing chamfered interior posts. Also on the tour is an Amish working farm with a real nice hewn Sweitzer barn and the County Home barn of Holmes County (it is the official bicentennial barn in Holmes County). There will be two repurposed barns on the tour. One is the Shreiner Barn that was dismantled, repaired and moved to the new Holmes County Fairgrounds, and the wonderful and eclectic barn known as the “Legends of Music” Barn. This stop is not to be missed!

Saturday’s conference locale will be at The Flying Ridge Hunt Club on a scenic hilltop just outside Millersburg. Our preservation theme will begin with a keynote address from Mariangela Pfister, Technical Preservation Services head and deputy SHPO from The Ohio History Connection. Ms. Pfister will discuss the importance of physical conservation of buildings and how federal and state tax credit programs aid in that effort. This is always a timely subject, and Ms. Pfister is a dynamic speaker, sure to enlighten and educate.
During our 2016 fall driving barn tour we stopped at the Carriage Hill Metro Park for a tour of their amazing barns. One in particular caught the eye of our beloved VP Dan Troth. He and Nick Wiesenberg are going to discuss the Allan Barn. Dan will discuss its history, unique design, and preservation efforts, while Nick will talk about dendrochronology, its importance in dating structures, and share the results he found after his inspection of this interesting barn.  We will have a first breakout session in several years on Saturday. It might be viewed as a guys and girls session. For the girls (and maybe some guys), Barb Garbriel will be speaking about the “barn quilt movement” in Hancock County as well as other quilt trails in Ohio. Ladies, feel free to bring a long any quilts to show as part of the presentation. For the guys (and maybe some girls), John and Caleb Miller of JCM Timber Works will have a timber hewing session where they will discuss the tools used, layout and notching, as well as broad axing the timber, much like the framers of the day would have done. Chips will be flying in this presentation! Our final preservation presentation will be from Fred Krift owner of Nutwood Place, the historic farm complex on the northern edge of Urbana, Ohio. Those of you who attended the tour last fall got a glimpse of the magnificent brick and timber round barn and farm house. Mr. Krift will discuss a bit of the history of William Wards creation, his love and reverence for Nutwood, as well as the challenges he faces to preserve the incredible round barn. We, of course, won’t be complete without the 2017 version of our favorites, Rudy and Dan as “The Barn Detectives”. They are hoping for some live tweet commentary during their performance… We will also have our Barn of the Year awards during the lunch hour, the annual member meeting, our fabulous silent auction, as well as some vendors and exhibits. All in all, another exciting, educating, and very enjoyable way to spend your day. Come out and see old friends; make some new ones; and help us celebrate Ohio’s icons of Agriculture, Our Ohio Barns!

-Ric Beck

2017 Conference Schedule