2018 Ohio Barn Conference and Barn Tour XIX

Please join us in Carroll County for our 19th Annual Ohio Barn Conference and Barn Tour plus Barn Detective Workshop!!

Registration is located in the Event Calendar on the left side of this page.  See Important Information              Regarding Registration at the end of this post.

Thursday, April 26th 2018 through Saturday, April 28th 2018

Barn Detective Workshop –  Pre-registration is required

Thursday, April 26th, 2018    1:00 to 4:00 pm

The workshop will take place at the Algonquin Mill complex. We are very fortunate in that we will have Mike Mangan, Manager of the Algonquin Mill, leading us around the complex to talk about many of the buildings that make up the grounds. It will be “work day” at the complex which means that there will be knowledgeable people at each stop we make that will be able to answer questions pertaining to the building that they are working on!  We will also have time to explore on our own.

Paul Knoebel, FOB member, is very well acquainted with this complex and will be able to answer questions about the Slaughter House which he has worked on for years.  Some of the other buildings on the tour will be the Barn, the Grist Mill, the one room Schoolhouse, the Railroad Station, the two story Log Cabin, and the Sawmill.

Please join us for lively conversations, and tours of the mill complex. Plenty of parking is available and there will also be refreshments! We have to limit the workshop to 30 folks; pre-registration is required and is separate from the Conference and Barn Tour.  The cost is $20pp which will help go toward a donation to the Algonquin Mill.  This is an outdoor event so dress accordingly!

Barn Tour of Carroll County barns –  Pre-registration is required

Friday, April 27th, 2018 from 8am to 5pm – rain or shine

Come along with me to the barn.
Let us see the beauty there,
Where time stands still and
Craftsmanship was done with care.

Seven generations this barn has served.
Look and listen and you will learn,
From traditions passed down from father to son,
Where we’re from and what we’ve done.

Now comes another time.
With changes aplenty in one life time.
Will we snub what we’ve been given,
Or will we treasure it or let it go to rack and ruin.

-Pamela Whitney Gray, President of Friends of Ohio Barns

Come along with Friends of Ohio Barns as we spend a day stepping back into the past. We will see the very beginnings of settlement in eastern Ohio. Listen and learn as Rudy, Dan, and Ric edify and entertain us with a day of time-travel. We will begin with a crudely constructed log barn with double cribs and a dogtrot all under one roof. Next, in the timeline of barn building, we will view a very fine timber frame barn built by scribe-rule construction, exhibiting hewn members, a principle-rafter roof system, marriage marks, and fine stone foundations. From scribe rule timber framing we then move on to an example of square-rule construction and sawn materials. Gambrel and Gothic roof barns were the next to arrive on the scene as we will see. Finally, we have an example of the plank construction era. By the time the day is over we will have traveled from the late 1700s to the mid 1900s. So, put on your hiking boots, dress for the weather, be it good or bad, leave the driving to the bus driver, relax, and enjoy your travel through time.

This is an all-day event, with lunch included. Pre-registration is required. We have six wonderful barns on the tour to see and lunch will be provided by the Mt United Methodist Women’s group at the Mt Pleasant United Methodist Church.

Ohio Barn Conference –  Pre-registration is required

Saturday, April 28th 2018 from 8am to 5pm


Saturday’s conference will be held at the Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum.  Fun fact:  Rudy Christian designed the timber frame in which we will be spending our day.  The site is beautiful and our presentations will not disappoint.  We have welcomed back Doug Reed to be our Keynote speaker.  Doug has been spending a lot of time overseas and has been contemplating how historical events have changed the way barns have been built.  Doug will explain that barns are not only a part of history but how and why have they changed as part of the context of history.  He will have a slideshow to help uncover some of the changes and explain how and why they came about.  Rudy Christian and Laura Saeger will continue on with our International Theme and present a slide show of the many interesting structures that they found while in Myanmar.  Myanmar is a tropical country which means both farming and the barns and outbuildings farmers use are quite different than what we find in America.  During the monsoon seasons crops thrive on the rain but during the dry season the river banks and lake become quite low and farmers take advantage of the riverbanks and lakeshores to plant fast growing crops.  The dry season also allows crops to be dried and stored in the fields, so farm buildings are typically small and used to feed and water animals and store crops like rice and beans. From Myanmar we will travel back to Carroll County with a presentation from Amy Rutledge, Director of the Carroll County Chamber and Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, on some of the history of Carroll County.    Amy will have a slide presentation and talk about the naming of the county, people of interest from the county, and the creation of the lake region.   After lunch and our Annual Member Meeting we will be entertained, no doubt, by our very own Barn Detectives, Rudy Christian and Dan Troth.  If you miss out on the barn tour then you will be able to get a glimpse of what the lucky ones saw on the Friday tour.  And if you go on the tour then you will no doubt get a glimpse of the unusual pieces and parts of the tour that you may have missed!  This year we will conduct a Barn Repair Panel with the help of Rudy Christian, Doug Reed, Ric Beck, Dan Troth, Caleb Miller and Mike Wengler.  In the last newsletter we asked for submissions on barn repair questions for the panel to handle.  Please check the Panel Discussion article in this newsletter for information.  And we have welcomed back Nate and Lauren Etler, the first recipients of our Barn Conservation Grant, to give us an update on their barn repairs and the process they went through.  As usual we will conduct the Silent Auction and Keith Sommer will be bringing back his fabulous antique tool collection to show.

It will be another great adventure so mark your calendar, make your hotel arrange-ments and get your registrations completed so you don’t miss out!

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Important Information Regarding Registration:

Register online by clicking on the Event Calendar at the top of the menu column to the left on this page and you will then see both the Barn Detective workshop and the Ohio Barn Conference XIX & Barn Tour registration boxes. You have to register for the events separately due to the limit on the Workshop.  When registering for the Conference and Barn Tour select your type of registration on the first page knowing that you will be able to sign up your guest/spouse on the second page where it has a button to “add a  guest” at the guest/spouse reduced rate. You can also print a  registration page and send with your check payable to Friends of Ohio Barns at PO Box 203 Burbank, OH  44214.  If you are registering by mail for the workshop please call ahead to make sure there is still room.  If you have any questions or difficulties please call Sarah Woodall 330-550-6982.  All mail in registrations must be postmarked by April 18th, 2018.  Online registration ends April 22nd, 2018.




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It is time!  It is time for………

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It starts on Tuesday October 10th at 10:00am ET and ends Wednesday October 11th at 12:00pm ET

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Fall Picnic is Approaching

Hi all – yes, it is time for the annual Friends of Ohio Barns Fall Picnic!

The picnic will be held on Saturday, October 21st from 11:30am to 4pm at the Rus-Men Grain Farm located at 710 Iberia Rd in Galion, Ohio which is in Crawford County.

Please contact Board Member David Hamblin at [email protected] to make your reservations or to find out more information.

This is a rain or shine event!

There will be barns to explore and barn talk galore!

Membership Dues to be Increased Starting July 1st 2017

Why, you ask?  Good question.  Our membership dues have been at the same level since the organization started offering memberships!  That has been a long time. Fifteen years?  It has been a topic of conversation at many of our yearly Face to Face board meetings and we have always just gone back to not making an increase after much debate.  Well, this past Face to Face meeting we had a very frank discussion about our dues structure and how it might not possibly sustain the organization.

We had to make a couple really hard decisions regarding membership dues and conference fees.  The bottom line is that we have to increase dues and conference fees because the expenses that we incur with processing the dues have increased.  PayPal takes their cut with every transaction and rightly so as they offer us an easy way to collect the dues and fees.  So we set a new dues schedule and we felt that it really wasn’t a significant hardship.  We raised each membership level by $5.00.  That means Senior dues will be $40, Individual will be $45 and Family will be $65, however we left Organization at $100.00.

What we also did was eliminate the Lifetime Membership due to the cost of making the plaques.  There is a high cost to making those plaques but most importantly if we cannot keep money flowing in with membership dues then eventually we will not be able to turn out our newsletters or have an operating cushion.  Many of our regular members have turned Lifetime – I am sure it is because of the beautiful work that Dan does on the plaques.  So, as of July 1, 2017 the dues will be increased and the Lifetime Membership will be eliminated.  The other change we made was to increase the conference fees for the same reason, processing fees, $5 per category.   We felt it was a very minor increase but needed an explanation.  If you have any questions or comments please email us at [email protected].

-Sarah Woodall