Wilhelm Award Established!

This year, Friends of Ohio Barns felt very privileged to establish and present this prestigious honor to Hubert Wilhelm. Mr Wilhelm was a pioneer in his studies of farms and barns in Ohio, the settlement patterns of immigrants into the area and the barn builders. It is in tribute to Hubert’s devotion, dedication, and detailed investigation of Ohio Barns, that we chose to name the award after him.

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One thought on “Wilhelm Award Established!”

  1. I am trying to save a log cabin era bank barn….it has the most awesome hand drilled and cut off nearby sandstone rocks left by the glaciers, huge foundation stones. I have no idea how to start this and also to fund it. any advice or help would be appreciated. it has a new roof. one side is in need of two new support beams along the floor level. thank you for any help you might offer. 330 377 5768 located near Nashville/Glenmont, Ohio

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