4 thoughts on “The Barn Raisers Preview”

  1. Sarah: I filled in my email twice to reserve two spaces for Aug. 21st. I didn’t get a confirmation so I don’t know if I have registered properly so please use this email as my registration for two people. My guest is another of Tom OGrady’s sisters, Tina OGrady. Thank you.

  2. Good morning. I saw a short article about your event in the “Show & Tell” section of this morning’s (Friday) Columbus Dispatch. At the end of the article it was mentioned that registration for the event was required by today, but when I tried to do so just now, the event page indicated that registration had closed. I was curious to know if it is still possible to register, as the event page shows 7 seats still available. If so, please reserve 2 seats for me, and please inform me whether or not my wife and I should plan to attend on Sunday evening. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  3. I too just now saw the article in the Dispatch (this morning, August 19) that we could register by today. My husband and I were excited by this event because we came upon an amazing self published book when crossing Kansas several years ago titled “My Grandparent’s Barn” by Jim VanDyke. It was on display at the Kansas state supported craft and art gallery. It is an exquisite book, hand drawn and painted. It is a visual reconstruction of the family built working barn. There were only 20 copies made this book and we were hoping to bring to share with anyone who might be interested.

  4. I attended and gave money for the CD but have yet to receive it. Want to have showing in our barn this summer. When will we get our CD ? Ned Kendall, Case-Barlow Farm, Hudson, OH.

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