The Friends of Ohio Barns Endowment Fund is Growing!

But we need more help! Are you interested in donating to a worthy cause and help save Ohio’s barns? Friends of Ohio Barns has established an endowment fund to help support the organization’s various barn programs. Through the Columbus Foundation, a state wide philanthropic organization, you can donate to the Friend’s endowment fund online through the Power Philanthropy arm of the foundation.

The easiest way to find our portrait page and make a secure donation is via Power Philanthropy & The Columbus Foundation. Follow the directions to make a worthwhile donation and feel good about helping our fund grow.

See more details about on our Endowment Fund page through this website.

Unusual Joinery Detail found in Bellefontaine Barn

During the recent JBD workshop in Bellefontaine, Ohio, we came across a pretty interesting joinery detail. It is similar to Jan Lewandoski’s description of a tying joint variation in the Timber Framers Guild “Joinery & Design Workbook”. Illustrated by Jack Sobon, it describes a bridle joint with necked tie-beam and extended shoulders. The double tenons in the Longbrake-Smith barn, circa 1870’s go clear through the scarfed eave plate and stand 4″ proud of the plate. It then has approx. 1″ pegs that help secure the scarf in its orientation and seemingly prevent outward rotation of the plate by the downward forces of the roof… very unusual!

tiejoint tiejoint-sketch

Pictures from the recent Upper Arlington Sunny 95 Barn Raising

25 hearty souls came to Upper Arlington for the 10 day workshop to restore Arlington’s oldest remaining timber frame barn and erect a new doug-fir frame for The Community Foundation of Upper Arlington. It was a fantastic time had by all…one of the highlights being the time we all spent with the elementary school kids next door at Greensview.

The frames went up without a hitch, and the community, and Friends of Ohio Barns has something to be proud of!

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2nd JBD Training Workshop was held 6 Nov. 2010 near Bellefontaine

This training workshop is designed to further educate volunteer barn enthusiasts who are willing to then go out into their own respective Ohio communities and assist owners and stewards of older barns. The objective is to help them understand preservation and maintenance techniques, available resources and use options, and hopefully build a greater appreciation for their particular grand old structure.

IMG_0427 IMG_0561

If you have any JBD Workshop or Program related questions or comments please visit the JBD Program page on our site. If you have further questions contact Paul Knobel via email, or contact us via phone at 330-882-5027 or 330-715-7422. For general FOB related questions we can best be reached at our regular mailing address – Friends of Ohio Barns, P.O. Box 203, Burbank, Oh 44214.