Ohio Barn Conference XXI

Yes!  The Ohio Barn Conference and Barn Tour will happen in 2020!  Mark your calendars for Friday April 24th and Saturday April 25th!  And we are working on a special “Thursday pre-conference Workshop” for April 23rd and there is no working involved!

We are still in the planning stages and will have more information as it is confirmed but for now check out our slate of speakers:

Steve Gordon – Steve is the Museum Administrator for the William Holmes McGuffey Museum located in Oxford.  Enthusiastic, entertaining and quite knowledgeable in all aspects of historic preservation.  Steve has presented at our conferences in the past and we are thoroughly excited that he will be speaking again this coming April.

Doug Reed – you all know him as our “log crib barn guy”.  Doug is as enthusiastic, entertaining and knowledgeable in all aspects of historic preservation as Steve!  We are so delighted to have Doug return as a speaker.

Misti Spillman – Misti is a gravestone restoration expert dealing with historic gravestones including those from the Civil War era and is also the Executive Director of the Preble County Historical Society.

Karen Oberst – Karen was one of a select group of women awarded the Ohio Agricultural Women of the Year Award in 2012.  She started her own dairy farm near Findlay and has transitioned from dairy to a beef producer while also farming grasses.  Karen and her husband strive to be earth friendly in their usage of fossil fuels.

Bill Reynolds – Bill is a historian with the Campus Martius Museum in Marietta as well as an Exhibit Specialist.  Bill knows all about the ways of the Pioneers in Marietta.

The Barnstorming crew has been out looking for fine examples of the barns in the area and had to whittle the number down from the 40 or 50 that Mike Wengler wanted them to see!  I am sure that the tour will not disappoint.  Of course the Barn Detectives will be on the tour to enlighten, entertain and energize the participants!

Stay tuned – we will have a conference newsletter going out for those who are members.  And if you are a member you will also be receiving the pre-newsletter email that will announce the opening of registration ahead of the general public.

So if you are not a member…….you might want to consider becoming one!  You can become a member easily online through this website.  It is secure.

If any questions please email us at [email protected]





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