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Friends of Ohio Barns Fall Picnic

Fall Picnic to be held at the Kindleberger Stone Barn Farm Saturday, September 20th, 2014, 11 am to 5 pm.

Located near Clarington, Ohio, the Kindleberger Stone Barn Farm is an Historic treasure. The house and the barn on this property were included in the National Register of Historic Places on February 8, 1980 and were adorned with a historic marker in 2002. A treasure it is as the stones of the walls, which vary in size from four to seven feet long, were hauled from the nearby quarry using horses and wagon by stonemason Frederick Kindleberger’s children, William and Mary, and then set into place with a 40 foot hickory pole. The barn is 35’ by 60’ with 45 foot 12”x12” posts supporting the rafters. Both the house and the barn are constructed using the sandstone from the area. The house was built in 1872 while the barn was finished in 1883.

The Kindleberger Stone Barn Farm is located at 50037 German Ridge Rd. in Beallsville, OH 43716-9533 near Clarington in Monroe County. Gary and Marjorie Baumberger own and operate the farm and have graciously allowed us to picnic on their beautiful grounds and see their architectural wonders. They were our Friends of Ohio Barns Barn of the Year winners in the Agriculture category and received their award at the Ohio Barn Conference in Knox County this past April.

Lunch will be served at 12 pm. Friends of Ohio Barns will supply the main course meat and do the grilling but please be sure to bring a covered dish to share, your beverage of choice and your own place settings. Dress appropriately for the weather and bring your camera! Please bring your own chairs.

Marjorie and Gary have offered their place to us for the entire day so come early to explore if you would like.

Please RSVP by September 15th by sending an email to Sarah Woodall at [email protected] or call Sarah at 330-856-9053 with your name and number attending so we can plan accordingly.

Hope to see you there!

Friends of Ohio Barns

Junior Barn Detective Pre-Conference Workshop Scheduled for Thursday, April 25 th, 2013

skellet-barnThe Junior Barn Detective (JBD) Program will be offering a pre-conference workshop on Thursday afternoon April 25th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. The workshop is open to conference attendees and a minimal charge of $10 will be charged to help cover expenses. Due to logistics we have to limit the number of attendees for this workshop to twenty-five so sign up early.

The workshop will be held at the Willem Roosenburg and Kate Kelley barn located at the intersection of Brawley Road and McDaniel Road near 14667 McDaniel Road, Amesville, OH 45711. The site is approximately 11 miles from the conference location. The barn has recently undergone repairs and restoration work. Steve Skellett, owner of Royal Barn/Home Restoration was the contractor hired to provide the services. The barn had to have structural repairs and was resided and reroofed.

Our objective is to provide a case study of a repair/restoration project and the process in which the owners and contractor were involved. The plan is to have both the contractor and the owners there to discuss the progression of events that took place as decisions were made and the reasoning behind the final choices. Hopefully, we can get the contractor to discuss his approach for determining what repairs/restoration work would be required and what methods/material choices could be used for them. Additionally, we hope the owners, Kate and Willem, will share with us the challenges they had making their final decisions regarding the restoration of their barn.

We anticipate an open forum discussion type of atmosphere with questions from the attendees and stories of the challenges and expectations from both the contractor and owners’ perspective.

At the end of day we hope everyone there will be able to walk away with a little better understanding of some of the things that can be expected when trying to preserve their beautiful but aging historic barns.

The JBD Crew,
Gary, Paul & Larry

Unusual Joinery Detail found in Bellefontaine Barn

During the recent JBD workshop in Bellefontaine, Ohio, we came across a pretty interesting joinery detail. It is similar to Jan Lewandoski’s description of a tying joint variation in the Timber Framers Guild “Joinery & Design Workbook”. Illustrated by Jack Sobon, it describes a bridle joint with necked tie-beam and extended shoulders. The double tenons in the Longbrake-Smith barn, circa 1870’s go clear through the scarfed eave plate and stand 4″ proud of the plate. It then has approx. 1″ pegs that help secure the scarf in its orientation and seemingly prevent outward rotation of the plate by the downward forces of the roof… very unusual!

tiejoint tiejoint-sketch

2nd JBD Training Workshop was held 6 Nov. 2010 near Bellefontaine

This training workshop is designed to further educate volunteer barn enthusiasts who are willing to then go out into their own respective Ohio communities and assist owners and stewards of older barns. The objective is to help them understand preservation and maintenance techniques, available resources and use options, and hopefully build a greater appreciation for their particular grand old structure.

IMG_0427 IMG_0561

If you have any JBD Workshop or Program related questions or comments please visit the JBD Program page on our site. If you have further questions contact Paul Knobel via email, or contact us via phone at 330-882-5027 or 330-715-7422. For general FOB related questions we can best be reached at our regular mailing address – Friends of Ohio Barns, P.O. Box 203, Burbank, Oh 44214.